Institute of Computer-assisted Cardiovascular Medicine 

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Institute of Computer-assisted Cardiovascular Medicine

The Institute of Computer-assisted Cardiovascular Medicine (ICM) works on novel clinical solutions for diagnostics, decision support and therapy planning. The ICM is thus an important innovation driver of the digital transformation of cardiac medicine in Berlin.

An important focus of the ICM is the combination of modern multimodal imaging methods (echo, MRI, CT) with innovative methods of data science (Artificial Intelligence, visual analytics, etc.) and biophysical modeling (hemodynamics, metabolism, etc.). In addition to the focus on imaging, information from sensors (ECG, wearables) and omics (molecular information) are increasingly incorporated into the models.

Our institute has the following main research areas:

  • Digital Image Analysis and Modeling
  • Data-driven modeling and Artificial Intelligence
  • Cardiovascular modeling & simulations
  • Metabolic modeling
  • Development & application of experimental methods to validate numerical models.

At the ICM, an interdisciplinary team of physicians, mathematicians, computer scientists, physicists, and engineers work on both basic science and clinical solutions (bench-to-bedside). Therefore, there is a close connection to the clinics of the Charité and to the Deutsches Herzzentrum der Charité.

The ICM works closely with internationally renowned research institutions and has numerous industrial collaborations. Further information on existing networks can be found under Network.