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About the institute

Our institute combines – with direct clinical relevance – the five research areas:

  • Imaging Science & Image guided therapy
  • Image processing with machine learning methods (e.g. segmentation for diagnostic applications)
  • Data Science & Machine intelligence (by data driven models & complex data analytics)
  • Simulations and physiology-based modeling
  • Development & application of experimental methods for the validation of numerical models

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This subdivision aims at achieving a holistic system view on a patient's disease status and to better tailor therapies to the individual needs of a patient (precision medicine).

For this purpose, medical data from different biological scales (organ, tissue, cell) and different sources (imaging, clinical information, omics) are processed and analyzed using methods of Data Science and applied in physiological-based modeling concepts. By combining Data Sciences with machinist physiologic-based modelling approaches, our research makes important steps towards a new architecture of patient care in which the conventional boundaries between the fields of prevention, diagnosis and treatment planning are abolished.

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