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About the institute

Our institute combines – with direct clinical relevance – the five research areas:

  • Digital Image Analysis and Modeling
  • Data-driven modeling and AI
  • Cardiovascular modeling & simulations
  • Metabolic and biophysical simulations in system medicine
  • Development & application of experimental methods for the validation of numerical models

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The Institute of Computer-assisted Cardiovascular Medicine was founded in March 2017 and is located on the Virchow Campus of Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin since then. Since January 1st, 2023, the heart medical facilities of the German Heart Center Berlin (DHZB) and the Charité Unversity Medicine Berlin have formed the German Heart Center of the Charité.

The ICM represents the field in teaching and research. Students from a wide range of disciplines are trained at the institute including future physicians, mathematicians, computer scientists, physicists and engineers. The research staff is involved in national and international collaborative projects and in various cooperations with industrial partners, which include joint research projects, contract research, product testing/optimization and fluid simulation.

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