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Academics and teaching

The focus of training is on providing interdisciplinary skills in the fields of life sciences (medicine) and computer sciences as well as (bio) engineering sciences.

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Focus of the Institute

Our focus is the interdisciplinary transfer of knowledge in the fields of medicine, computer science and (bio) engineering sciences. Main topics are from the fields of imaging, fluid mechanics and mathematical modeling.

Dr. med. and Dr. rer. medic. can be acquired and in cooperation with the TU Berlin Dr. rer. nat. and Dr.-Ing. at the institute. At the Charité there is also the possibility to participate in a PhD program in the future.

The teaching workload is subdivided within a framework of internships, seminars, lectures. In addition, tutors are in charge of groups in the form of problem-oriented learning (POL).

Lectures by the Institute of Cardiovascular Computer-Assisted Medicine

The following lectures are offered in German:

  • Medical Image Processing at TU Berlin
  • Fluid Mechanics in Medicine at TU Berlin


Theses and mandatory internships

The institute offers

mandatory internships, project-, study-, bachelor-, master- and diploma theses

the areas of imaging & image-based therapy planning, image processing with machine learning, data science & machine intelligence, simulations & modeling with physiology-based models, development & application of experimental methods for validation of numerical models, fluid mechanics, medical engineering and biotechnology. Interested candidates can contact icm-office(at) by mail (please include CV, grade transcript and preference numerical/experimental work) or call 030 450 553882.