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PD Dr. med. Sarah Nordmeyer und Klinikdirektor Prof. Dr. med. Felix Berger



Congratulations on your habilitation!

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Dr. med. Sarah Nordmeyer from the DHZC pediatric cardiology team has completed her habilitation.

PD Dr. med. Sarah Nordmeyer
PD Dr. med. Sarah Nordmeyer

Sarah Nordmeyer is a physician and researcher in the Department of Congenital Heart Defects/Paediatric Cardiology. In addition to her clinical work as a specialist in pediatric and adolescent medicine, she was and is active in pediatric cardiac research. She habilitated with a thesis on MRI diagnostics: "Validation and application of the 4D flow MRI method in congenital heart defects and its use for individualized therapy planning".


We congratulate Mrs. Associate Professor Dr. med. Sarah Nordmeyer!


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