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ICM supports Charité and DHZB with self-designed face shields

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In the fight against the Corona virus, clinics have to perform at their best right now. To support medical staff and counteract supply bottlenecks, the Laboratory for Biofluid Mechanics at Charité's ICM has designed new brackets for face masks from the 3D printer. These are used to protect hospital staff when they work very close to a Corona-positive patient.

The developed and implemented face shield is designed to take up as little 3D printing volume as possible. This means that up to 40 visor mounts can be printed simultaneously. In addition, the wearing comfort is very high, as there is no direct contact with the holder. The face shield is held in place by a flexible rubber band around the head. This allows both the distance between the visor and the face and the size to be adjusted to the shape of the head. For the visors, 600 µm thick PET films were cut and perforated. The visors are replaceable and the entire mask is wipe disinfectable.

The feedback from the clinic staff was very positive, we are happy to provide the 3D print file in stl format together with instructions for assembly below for download to all interested parties.

For more information on 3D printing and Corona and other open source models, we recommend the Netzwerk „3D-printing fights corona“.


PD Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Kertzscher

Experimental Fluid MechanicsCharité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Postal address:Augustenburger Platz 113353 Berlin

Campus / internal address:Forum 4, EG, Raum 0.0568

CVK, Forum 4

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