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New project - Hemocompatibility of the novel oxygenator

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Hemocompatibility of the novel oxygenator

Projektleiter Prof. Dr.-Ing. Leonid Goubergrits
Projektleiter Prof. Dr.-Ing. Leonid Goubergrits

Received further funding for OptOx project!

Hemocompatibility of the novel oxygenator

The project from the Berlin Institute of Health at Charite (BIH) will continue to be funded and supportet by the SPARK-BIH program.

In the project OptOx, the concept of a novel oxygenator, in which an optimized flow is aimed at by using microspheres, is to be further developed and tested. The optimized flow can reduce the required blood volume (priming volume) and minimize complications during treatment. After it could be shown in the last funding phase that optimized oxygenation is achieved by the microspheres, the sphere-related blood damage is now to be evaluated by measuring the hemolysis.

The objective of the SPARK-BIH program is to support teams with translational projects to develop new therapies, diagnostics, medical devices and processes to bring them to the market to improve patient outcomes. The development of a project in the SPARK-BIH program adds, considerably to a translational potential and advances its market realization chances.



We wish the team every success with the project!


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Leonid Goubergrits

Numerical SimulationCharité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Postal address:Augustenburger Platz 113353 Berlin

CVK, Ostring 7

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