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PSD heart ride on July 30

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Be part of it - cycling for healthy children's hearts!

The ICM is part of the PSD heart drive!

On Sunday, July 30, a charity bike ride for children's hearts will be organized on Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin. Those interested will ride a predetermined cycling route and for every kilometer, a donation from PSD Bank Berlin-Brandenburg will go to the Klinik für Angeborene Herzfehler am Deutschen Herzzentrum der Charité. The only requirement is to download and use the free Heart Ride app - which measures your cycled distance. 
The fundraising bike ride will run from 1 - 6 p.m. on Tempelhofer Feld. There will also be a booth with the Institute's Biofluid Mechanics Lab. You will get small insights into the projects of our lab and topics of heart modeling.

Be there - we look forward to seeing you! Feel free to bring your bike and donate for health!

You don't have your own bike? No problem! - Bikes can be rented or borrowed on site.


Prerequisite for participation:

Download of the Herzfahrt - App in App Store

Download of the Herzfahrt - App by Google Play


We wish all participants good luck!




Dipl.-Ing. Michael Lommel

Research associateCharité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Postal address:Augustenburger Platz 113353 Berlin

Campus / internal address:Forum 4, EG, Raum 0.0570

CVK, Forum 4

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