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Research areas

This subdivision aims at achieving a holistic system view on a patient's disease status and to better tailor therapies to the individual needs of a patient (precision medicine).

Imaging science & image guided therapy with a focus on quantification & visualization

  • Vascular imaging (with a focus on blood flow and fluid-structure interactions)
  • Cardiac imaging (with a focus on biomechanics, myocardial energetics)
  • Image guided therapy (for surgical and catheter based intervention)

Data science (data driven models & complex data analytics)

  • Machine and deep learning
  • Visual analytics

Image processing with machine learning methods

  • segmentation for diagnostic applications

Simulations & modelling by physiology based models

  • Fluids & hemodynamic models (heart, valve, vascular)
  • Metabolic models
  • Biomechanical models
  • Electrophysiology models

Development and application of experimental methods for the validation of numerical models

  • Measuring technology
  • Flow visualization
  • 3D printing
  • Mock circulation
  • Experimental blood damage