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Prizes and awards of the ICM

Here you will find prizes and awards that individual employees or teams in the institute could win in the course of their work.

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Prizes and awards

  • Price for AR Demo 2023 with Anja Hennemuth
    The prototype of the MINIMAKI project was presented at SPIE Medical Imaging 2023 and received the 2nd place for the demo "minimARing - AR solution for interactive heart valve surgery planning". Scientific collaborators of the Institute for Cardiovascular Computer-Assisted Medicine of Charité and Fraunhofer MEVIS are involved in the project.
  • Poster Award 2023 with Nikolaus Berndt
    The German Association for the Study of the Liver (GASL) awards the poster prize in the subject area "Metabolism (incl. NAFLD)". The institute for cardiovascular computer-assisted medicine at the Charité is involved in the poster.
  • ESCO 2022 Best Paper Award
    The work on Blood Flow Simulations and the Sensitivity of Quantities of Interest on the Numerical Modeling, which results from a collaboration with the Institute of Computer-assisted Cardiovascular Medicine of the Charité, was awarded a Best Student Paper Award at the ESCO 2022 conference (authors: J. Brüning (Charité), A. Caiazzo (WIAS), L. Goubergrits (Charité), V. John (WIAS), S. Katz (WIAS), U. Wilbrandt (WIAS)).
  • Marie Schafstedde is Young Investigator Winner of the DGPK 2021
    She receives the award for the contribution "Machine learning based patient-specific prediction of pressure gradients for patients with coarctation of the aorta".
  • Faculty Award 2020 for the master thesis of Giada Confortola from TU Berlin
    She receives the award for her master thesis "Multimodal Deep Learning for Prediction of Postoperative Complications in Cardiac Surgery".
  • Niky Ghorbani wins 1st place in the poster award at the Leopoldina symposium 2020
    She receives the award for her thesis topic "Impact of Valve Morphology, Hypertension and Age on Aortic Properties in Patients with Coarctation".
  • Lars Walczak receives VCBM 2019 Best Full Paper Honorable Mention
    He receives the award for his paper "Using Position-Based Dynamics for Simulating the Mitral Valve in a Decision Support System".
  • Open Data Award of the BIH QUEST-Center for two paper of the institute 2018
  • Tim Bierewirtz wins the ISMCS Scholarship Award 2018
    The prize was awarded for the new blood pump concept "The oscillating plate blood pump - a new concept for pumping blood".
  • DZHK Paper of the month
    Awarded for the paper with contribution from the institute: Machine learning for real-time prediction of complications in critical care: a retrospective study. Lancet Resp Med. 2018
  • Sarah Nordmeyer wins NaWik Communication Award 2018
    The prize for her poster "Personalized treatment planning in Aortic Valve Disease" is awarded for the most creative FlashTalk.
  • Team of the institute wins a Berlin Startup Stipend 2018
    Vera Froese and Malte Mütter together with Shpetime Jonuzi from FU Berlin win a Berlin Startup Stipend from Profund Innovation for their Evolchip startup for the simulation of bacterial antibiotic resistence development.
  • 1st prize at the 'Research to Market Challenge' 2018
    The team 'SmartCor' (Markus Hüllebrand and Kay Brosien) wins this years 'Research to Market Challenge' in the category 'Life Science & Technologies'.
  • Lennart Tautz wins 2nd place at the MedVis-Award/Karl-Heinz Höhne Award 2018
    The prize is awarded for outstanding works in the area of Visual Computing in Biology and Medicine.
  • Industry Award for Best Immersive Media at Raw Science Film Festival 2017
    The prize was awarded Bianka Hofmann, Alexander Köhn, Mathias Neugebauer, Anja Hennemuth and David Black for the movie “The Beauty of Blood Flow Analysis”.