Aerodynamics of the nose

The aim of this project is to study the physiology and fluid mechanics of nasal breathing. The project is part of an interdisciplinary project group, which was founded in 2004 and combines competences in the fields of rhinology, fluid physics and scientific visualization. The main focus of the project is the investigation of the fluid-mechanical aspects of nasal breathing and their investigation with the help of modern imaging methods and computer modelling.

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Druckverhältnisse in der Nase
Geschwindigkeitsverteilung in der Nase

The geometry of the nose (see figure) shows a very strong heterogeneity not only between the different species, but also within humans. This can be seen in particular in the various diseases and deformations of the respiratory tract and their different manifestations. Previous diagnostic procedures are limited to qualitative evaluation with imaging procedures and the measurement of integral, quantitative measures, such as pressure loss over the entire nasal cavity. Methods for the detailed investigation of the flow and especially pressure conditions in the respiratory tract do not yet exist


In addition to basic research into the physiology of the respiratory tract, this project will also develop a method that allows patient-specific diagnosis and therapy planning with the aid of numerical fluid dynamics (CFD).

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