Here you will find the provided services and serving as references clinically used medical devices with development participation of the Biofluid Mechanics Lab.

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Services by the Biofluid Mechanic Lab

  • Flow analysis and optimization
  • Testing of medical technology components in physiological test cycles
  • Pump design
  • Development of microfluidic systems
  • Haemocompatibility tests

Subsequently, examples of past development work in cooperation with industrial partners is listed.

Probes for intracranial pressure measurement

ICP probes are largely insensitive and very robust. Due to their special measuring principle, the probes can be used directly since no zero adjustment is necessary.

ICP probes by Spiegelberg GmbH & Co. KG

Hydrocephalus valves with gravitational unit

The position-dependent valve function enables patients to drain brain water more physiologically in the event of hydrocephalus.

Hydrocephalus valves by Christoph Miethke GmbH & Co. KG

Centrifugal blood pump

This centrifugal blood pump is characterised by low heat generation and thus low blood damage.

Centrifugal blood pump Revolution by LivaNova PLC