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Veröffentlichungen 2019

Jahr Titel Autoren Journal/Fachbuch Band Seiten Link
32 2019 Insights Into Myocardial Oxygen Consumption, Energetics, and Efficiency Under Left Ventricular Assist Device Support Using Noninvasive Pressure-Volume Loops P. Jain, S. Shehab, K. Muthiah, D. Robson, M. Granegger, S. G. Drakos, P. Jansz, P. S. Macdonald, C. S. Hayward Circulation: Heart Failure 12(10) e006191 DOI
31 2019 Surrogates for myocardial power and power efficiency in patients with aortic valve disease C.-B. Lee, L. Goubergrits, J. F. Fernandes, S. Nordmeyer, C. Knosalla, F. Berger, V. Falk, T. Kuehne, M. Kelm Scientific Reports accepted    
30 2019 Combining position-based dynamics and gradient vector flow for 4D mitral valve segmentation in TEE sequences L. Tautz, L. Walczak, J. Georg, A. Jazaerli, K. Vellguth, I. Wamala, S. Sündermann, V. Falk, A. Hennemuth IJCARS accepted   DOI
29 2019 Effect of daptomycin and vancomycin on Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilms: an in vitro assessment using fluorescence in situ hybridization S. Sutrave, J. Kikhney, J. Schmidt, A. Petrich, A. Wiessner, L. Kursawe, M. Gebhardt, U. Kertzscher, G. Gabel, L. Goubergrits, K. Affeld, A. Moter Plos One accepted    
28 2019 RIKADA Study Reveals Risk Factors in Pediatric Primary Cardiomyopathy N. Al-Wakeel-Marquard, F. Degener, C. Herbst, J. Kühnisch, J. Dartsch, B. Schmitt, T. Kuehne, D. Messroghli, F. Berger, S. Klaassen J Am Heart Assoc 8(15) e012531 DOI
27 2019 Metabolic Modeling of Kidney Diseases: Lessons learned from the Liver N. Berndt, A. Patzak, H. Holzhütter Acta Physiol (Oxf) accepted   DOI
26 2019 Blood trauma potential of the HVAD pump in pediatric patients M. Granegger, B. Thamsen, T. Schlöglhofer, S. Lach, A. Escher, T. Haas, M. Meboldt, M. Schweiger, M. Hübler, D. Zimpfer Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery accepted   DOI
25 2019 Analysis of Three-Chamber View Tagged Cine MRI in Patients with Suspected Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy M. Kanski, T. Chitiboi, L. Tautz, A. Hennemuth, D. Halpern, M. Sherrid, L. Axel Lecture Notes in Computer Science: International Conference on Functional Imaging and Modeling of the Heart 11504 425-432 DOI
24 2019 Comparing Subjects with Reference Populations - A Visualization Toolkit for the Analysis of Aortic Anatomy and Pressure Distribution S. Karimkeshteh, L. Kaufhold, S. Nordmeyer, L. Jarmatz, A. Harloff, A. Hennemuth Lecture Notes in Computer Science: International Conference on Functional Imaging and Modeling of the Heart 11504 370-378 DOI
23 2019 Mesh Based Approximation of the Left Ventricle Using a Controlled Shrinkwrap Algorithm F. Razafindrazaka, K. Vellguth, F. Degener, S. Suendermann, T. Kühne Lecture Notes in Computer Science: International Conference on Functional Imaging and Modeling of the Heart 11504 230-239 DOI
22 2019 Simulation of a Right Anterior Thoracotomy Access for Aortic Valve Replacement Using a 3D-Printed Model I. Wamala, J. Brüning, J. Dittmann, S. Jerichow, J. Weinhold, L. Goubergitis, A. Hennemuth, V. Falk, J. Kempfert Innovations: Technology and Techniques in Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery accepted    
21 2019 Surgical aortic valve replacement: are we able to improve hemodynamic outcome? P. Yevtushenko, F. Hellmeier, J. Bruening, S. Nordmeyer, V. Falk, C. Knosalla, M. Kelm M, T. Kuehne, L. Goubergrits Biophysical Journal accepted    
20 2019 A long-term mechanical cavopulmonary support device for patients with Fontan circulation M. Granegger, B. Thamsen, E. J. Hubmann, Y. Choi, D. Beck, E. Valsangiacomo Buechel, M. Voutat, M. Schweiger, M. Meboldt, M. Hübler Medical Engineering & Physics accepted   DOI
19 2019 Teburu - Open Source 3D Printable Bioreactor for Tissue Slices as Dynamic Three-Dimensional Cell Culture Models A. Daneshgar, P. Tang, C. Remde, M. Lommel, S. Moosburner, U. Kertzscher, O. Klein, M. Weinhart, J. Pratschke, I. M. Sauer, K. H. Hillebrandt Artif Organs accepted   DOI
18 2019 User-dependent variability in mitral valve segmentation and its impact on CFD computed hemodynamic parameters K. Vellguth, J. Bruening, L. Tautz, A. Hennemuth, U. Kertzscher, F. Degener, I. Wamala, S. Suendermann, V. Falk, T. Kuehne, L. Goubergrits International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery accepted   DOI
17 2019 Hemodynamics of cerebral veins analyzed by 2d and 4d flow MRI and ultrasound in healthy volunteers and patients with multiple sclerosis F.F. Schuchardt, C.P. Kaller, C. Strecker, J. Lambeck, T. Wehrum, A. Hennemuth, C. Anastasopoulos, I. Mader, A. Harloff J Magn Reson Imaging accepted   DOI
16 2019 Characterization of Lipid and Lipid Droplet Metabolism in Human HCC N. Berndt, J. Eckstein, N. Heucke, R. Gajowski, M. Stockmann, D. Meierhofer, H. Holzhütter Cells 8(5) 512 DOI
15 2019 Past and future of blood damage modelling in a view of translational research L. Goubergrits, U. Kertzscher, M. Lommel International Journal of Artificial Organs 42(3) 125-132 DOI
14 2019 Multiple Aneurysms AnaTomy CHallenge 2018 (MATCH) - Phase II: Rupture Risk Assessment Ph. Berg, S. Voß, G. Janiga, S. Saalfeld, A. W. Bergersen, K. Valen-Sendstad, J. Bruening, L. Goubergrits, A. Spuler, T. L. Chiu, A. C. On Tsang, G. Copelli, B. Csippa, G. Paál, G. Závodszky, F. J. Detmer, B. J. Chung, J. R. Cebral, S. Fujimura, H. Takao, C. Karmonik, S. Elias, N. M. Cancelliere, M. Najafi, D. A. Steinman, V. M. Pereira, S. Piskin, E. A. Finol, M. Pravdivtseva, P. Velvaluri, H. Rajabzadeh-Oghaz, N. Paliwal, H. Meng, S. Seshadhri, S. Venguru, M. Shojima, S. Sindeev, S. Frolov, Y. Qian, Y.-A. Wu, K. D. Carlson, D. F. Kallmes, D. Dragomir-Daescu, O. Beuing International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery accepted    
13 2019 Abnormal aortic flow profiles persist after aortic valve replacement in the majority of patients with aortic valve disease - How model based personalized therapy planning could improve results - a pilot study approach S. Nordmeyer, F. Hellmeier, P. Yevtushenko, M. Kelm, C.-B. Lee, D. Lehmann, S. Kropf, F. Berger, V. Falk, Ch. Knosalla, T. Kuehne, L. Goubergrits European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery accepted    
12 2019 Hemodynamic Changes During Physiological and Pharmacological Stress Testing in Healthy Subjects, Aortic Stenosis and Aortic Coarctation Patients - a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis K. Runte, K. Brosien, M. Salcher, C. Schubert, L. Goubergrits, S. Kelle, S. Schubert, F. Berger, T. Kuehne, M. Kelm Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine accepted    
11 2019 Elevated diastolic wall shear stress in regurgitant semilunar valvular lesions J. Rizk, H. Latus, N. Shehu, N. Mkrtchyan, J. Zimmermann, S. Martinoff, P. Ewert, A. Hennemuth, H. Stern, C. Meierhofer J Magn Reson Imaging     DOI
10 2019 Retrograde aortic blood flow as a mechanism of stroke: MR evaluation of the prevalence in a population-based study A. Harloff, P. Hagenloche, T. Lodemann, A. Hennemuth, C. Weiller, J. Hennig, W. Vach Eur Radiol     DOI
9 2019 Multiple Aneurysms AnaTomy CHallenge 2018 (MATCH) - Uncertainty quantification of geometric rupture risk parameters L. Goubergrits, F. Hellmeier, J. Bruening, A. Spuler, H.-C. Hege, S. Voss, G. Janiga, S. Saalfeld, O. Beuing, P. Berg BioMedical Engineering OnLine accepted    
8 2019 Blood damage in ventricular assist devices M. Simmonds, B. Thamsen, U. Kertzscher Int J Artif Organs 42(3) 111-112 DOI
7 2019 Noninvasive assessment of blood pressure in rotary blood pump recipients using a novel ultrasonic Doppler method M. Granegger, B. Thamsen, F. Moscato, T. Schlöglhofer, C. Gross, S. Schneider, M. Röhrich, U. Kertzscher, D. Zimpfer, K. Affeld, H. Schima Int J Artif Organs 42(5) 226-232 DOI
6 2019 Virtual Downsizing for Decision Support in Mitral Valve Repair M. Neugebauer, L. Tautz, M. Huellebrand, S. Sündermann, F. Degener, L. Goubergrits, T. Kuehne, V. Falk, A. Hennemuth International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery 14(2) 357-371 DOI
5 2019 Hodge Decomposition of wall shear stress vector fields characterizing biological flows F. H. Razafindrazaka, P. Yevtushenko, K. Poelke, K. Polthier, L. Goubergrits Royal Society Open Science 6 181970 DOI
4 2019 Patient-specific requirements and clinical validation of MRI-based pressure mapping: a two-center study in patients with aortic coarctation Goubergrits L, Hellmeier F, Neumann D, Mihalef V, Gulsun M, Chinali M, Secinaro A, Schubert S, Berger F, Kuehne T, Hennemuth A, Kelm M Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 49(1) 81-89 DOI
3 2019 The Healthy Nasal Cavity—Characteristics of Morphology and Related Airflow Based on a Statistical Shape Model Viewed from a Surgeon’s Perspective T. Hildebrandt, J. J. Brüning, N. L. Schmidt, H. Lamecker, W. Heppt, S. Zachow, L. Goubergrits Facial Plast Surg 35 9–13 DOI
2 2019 Digital Analysis of Nasal Airflow Facilitating Decision Support in Rhinosurgery T. Hildebrandt, J. J. Brüning, H. Lamecker, S. Zachow, W. J. Heppt, N. Schmidt, L. Goubergrits Facial Plast Surg 35 3–8 DOI
1 2019 Impact of Predictive Medicine on Therapeutic Decision Making: A Randomized Controlled Trial in Congenital Heart Disease H. Naci, M. Salcher-Konrad, A. Mcguire, F. Berger, T. Kuehne, L. Goubergrits, V. Muthurangu, B. Wilson, M. Kelm Nature Partner Journal Digital Medicine 2 17 DOI

Veröffentlichungen 2018

Jahr Titel Autoren Journal/Fachbuch Band Seiten Link
25 2018 Bioenergetic Mechanisms of Seizure Control R. Kovács, Z. Gerevich, A. Friedman, J. Otáhal, O. Prager, S. Gabriel, N. Berndt Front Cell Neurosci 12 335 DOI
24 2018 Possible neurotoxicity of the anesthetic propofol: evidence for the inhibition of complex II of the respiratory chain in area CA3 of rat hippocampal slices N. Berndt, J. Rösner, R.U. Haq, O. Kann, R. Kovács, H.G. Holzhütter, C. Spies, A. Liotta Arch Toxicol 92(10) 3191-3205 DOI
23 2018 Dynamic Metabolic Zonation of the Hepatic Glucose Metabolism Is Accomplished by Sinusoidal Plasma Gradients of Nutrients and Hormones N. Berndt, H.G. Holzhütter Frontiers in Physiology 9(1786)   DOI
22 2018 Non-invasive assessment of patient-specific aortic haemodynamics from four-dimensional flow MRI data L. Itu, D. Neumann, V. Mihalef, F. Meister, M. Kramer, M. Gulsun, M. Kelm, T. Kühne, P. Sharma Interface Focus 8(1) 20170006 DOI
21 2018 Ectopic beats arise from micro-reentries near infarct regions in simulations of a patient-specific heart model R.S. Oliveira, S. Alonso, F.O. Campos, B.M. Rocha, J.F. Fernandes, T. Kuehne, R.W. Dos Santos Sci Rep 8(1) 16392 DOI
20 2018 Machine learning for real-time prediction of complications in critical care: a retrospective study A. Meyer, D. Zverinski, B. Pfahringer, J. Kempfert, T. Kuehne, S.H. Sündermann, C. Stamm, T. Hofmann, V. Falk, C. Eickhoff Lancet Respir Med online   DOI
19 2018 The growth and evolution of cardiovascular magnetic resonance: a 20-year history of the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR) annual scientific sessions D.C. Lee, M. Markl, E. Dall'Armellina, Y. Han, S. Kozerke, T. Kuehne, S. Nielles-Vallespin, D. Messroghli, A. Patel, T. Schaeffter, O. Simonetti, A.M. Valente, J.W. Weinsaft, G. Wright, S. Zimmerman, J. Schulz-Menger J Cardiovasc Magn Reson 20(1) 8 DOI
18 2018 Presence of reduced regional left ventricular function even in the absence of left ventricular wall scar tissue in the long term after repair of an anomalous left coronary artery from the pulmonary artery S. Nordmeyer, B. Schmitt, B. Nasseri, V. Alexi-Meskishvili, T. Kuehne, F. Berger, J. Nordmeyer Cardiol Young 28(2) 200-207 DOI
17 2018 Uncertainty quantification for non-invasive assessment of pressure drop across a coarctation of the aorta using CFD J. Bruening, F. Hellmeier, P. Yevtushenko, T. Kuehne, L. Goubergrits Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology accepted    
16 2018 Spiders’ Ballooning Flight as a Model for the Exploration of Hazardous Atmospheric Weather Conditions M. Cho, K. Affeld, P. Neubauer, I. Rechenberg 7th International Conference, Living Machines 2018, Paris, France, July 17–20, 2018, Proceedings 10928 110-114 DOI
15 2018 Couette shearing device for the investigation of shear-induced damage of the primary hemostasis by LVADs M. Lommel, L. Goubergrits, K. Affeld, U. Kertzscher International Journal of Artificial Organs accepted    
14 2018 Right ventricular energetics and power in pulmonary regurgitation vs. stenosis using four dimensional phase contrast magnetic resonance J. F. Fernandes, J. M. Hammel, J. Zhou, Y. Xiao, M. Chen, R. Alves, J. Lof, S. M. Grieve, A. Schuster, T. Kuehne, S. Kutty International Journal of Cardiology 263 165-170 DOI
13 2018 Multiple Aneurysms AnaTomy Challenge 2018 (MATCH) - Phase I: Segmentation Ph. Berg, S. Voß, S. Saalfeld, G. Janiga, A. W. Bergersen, K. Valen-Sendstad, J. Bruening, L. Goubergrits, A. Spuler et al. Journal of Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology accepted   DOI
12 2018 Assessment of wall stresses and mechanical heart power in the left ventricle: Finite element modeling versus Laplace analysis M. A. F. Gsell, Ch. M. Augustin, A. J. Prassl, E. Karabelas, J. F. Fernandes, M. Kelm, L. Goubergrits, T. Kuehne, G. Plank International Journal for Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering 34 e3147 DOI
11 2018 Real-World Variability in the Prediction of Intracranial Aneurysm Wall Shear Stress: The 2015 International Aneurysm CFD Challenge K. Valen-Sendstad, A. W. Bergersen, Y. Shimogonya, L. Goubergrits, et al., D. A. Steinman Journal of Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology accepted   DOI
10 2018 Extraction of open-state mitral valve geometry from CT volumes Lennart Tautz, Mathias Neugebauer, Markus Hüllebrand, Katharina Vellguth, Franziska Degener, Simon Sündermann, Isaac Wamala, Leonid Goubergrits, Titus Kuehne, Volkmar Falk, Anja Hennemuth International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery accepted   DOI
9 2018 Determination of aortic stiffness using 4D flow cardiovascular magnetic resonance - a population-based study A. Harloff, H. Mirzaee, T. Lodemann, P. Hagenlocher, T. Wehrum, J. Stuplich, A. Hennemuth, J. Hennig, S. Grundmann, W. Vach J Cardiovasc Magn Reson 20(1) 43 DOI
8 2018 Age-related changes of right atrial morphology and inflow pattern assessed using 4D flow cardiovascular magnetic resonance: results of a population-based study T. Wehrum, T. Lodemann, P. Hagenlocher, J. Stuplich, B.T.T. Ngo, S. Grundmann, A. Hennemuth, J. Hennig, A. Harloff J Cardiovasc Magn Reson 20(1) 38 DOI
7 2018 Development of a modeling pipeline for the prediction of hemodynamic outcome after virtual mitral valve repair using image based CFD Katharina Vellguth, Jan Bruening, Leonid Goubergrits, Lennart Tautz, Anja Hennemuth, Ulrich Kertzscher, Franziska Degener, Marcus Kelm, Simon Sündermann, Titus Kuehne International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery accepted   DOI
6 2018 Image-based assessment of uncertainty in quantification of carotid lumen Kaufhold, L., Harloff, A., Schumann, C., Krafft, A.J., Hennig, J., Hennemuth, A. In: Elsa, D.A., Bennett, A.L., (Hrsg.) Medical Imaging 2018: Image Processing, SPIE Press 10574   DOI
5 2018 Wall shear stress estimation in the aorta: Impact of wall motion, spatiotemporal resolution, and phase noise Zimmermann, J., Demedts, D., Mirzaee, H., Ewert, P., Stern, H., Meierhofer, C., Menze, B., Hennemuth, A. J Magn Reson Imaging     DOI
4 2018 Measurement of cardiac valve and aortic blood flow velocities in stroke patients: a comparison of 4D flow MRI and echocardiography Wehrum, T., Guenther, F., Fuchs, A., Schuchardt, F., Hennemuth, A., Harloff, A. Int J Cardiovas Imag accepted   DOI
3 2018 Towards a computational framework for modeling the impact of aortic coarctations upon left ventricular load Karabelas, E., Gsell, M.A., Augustin, C.M., Marx, L., Neic, A., Prassl, A.J., Goubergrits, L., Kuehne, T., Plank, G. Frontiers in Physiology accepted   DOI
2 2018 CMR-Based and Time-Shift Corrected Pressure Gradients Provide Good Agreement to Invasive Measurements in Aortic Coarctation Fernandes JF, Alves R, Silva TFD, Nordmeyer S, Hellmeier F, Goubergrits L, Hennemuth A, Berger F, Schubert S, Kuehne T, Kelm M JACC Cardiovasc Imaging S1936-878X(18) 30293-6 DOI
1 2018 Hemodynamic Evaluation of a Biological and Mechanical Aortic Valve Prosthesis Using Patient-Specific MRI-Based CFD Hellmeier F, Nordmeyer S, Yevtushenko P, Bruening J, Berger F, Kuehne T, Goubergrits L, Kelm M Artif Organs 42(1) 49-57 DOI

Veröffentlichungen 2017

Jahr Titel Autoren Journal/Fachbuch Band Seiten Link
10 2017 Impact of patient-specific LVOT inflow profiles on aortic valve prosthesis and ascending aorta hemodynamics Bruening J, Hellmeier F, Yevtushenko P, Kelm M, Nordmeyer S, Sündermann SH, Kuehne T, Goubergrits L. Journal of Computational Science 24 91-100 DOI
9 2017 Numerical Analysis of Nasal Breathing: A Pilot Study Brüning J, Goubergrits L, Heppt W, Zachow S, Hildebrandt T Facial Plast Surg 33(4) 388-395 DOI
8 2017 Simulation, identification and statistical variation in cardiovascular analysis (SISCA) – A software framework for multi-compartment lumped modeling Huttary, R.; Goubergrits, L.; Schütte, C. & Bernhard, S. Computers in Biology and Medicine 87 104-123 DOI
7 2017 Model-based therapy planning allows prediction of haemodynamic outcome after aortic valve replacement Kelm, M.; Goubergrits, L.; Bruening, J.; Yevtushenko, P.; Fernandes, J. F.; Sündermann, S.; Berger, F.; Falk, V.; Kuehne, T.; CARDIOPROOF group & Nordmeyer, S. Nature Scientific Reports 7(1) 9897 DOI
6 2017 Turbulence measurements in an axial rotary blood pump with laser Doppler velocimetry Schüle, C. Y.; Affeld, K.; Kossatz, M.; Paschereit, C. O. & Kertzscher, U. The International Journal of Artificial Organs 40(3) 109-117 DOI
5 2017 Cardiac T1 mapping in congenital heart disease: bolus vs. infusion protocols for measurements of myocardial extracellular volume fraction Al-Wakeel-Marquard N, Rastin S, Muench F, O H-Ici D, Yilmaz S, Berger F, Kuehne T, Messroghli DR Int J Cardiovasc Imaging 33(12) 1961–1968 DOI
4 2017 Optimal base complexes for quadrilateral meshes Razafindrazaka, F. H. & Polthier, K. Computer Aided Geometric Design 52-53 63-74 DOI
3 2017 MRI-Based Computational Hemodynamics in Patients with Aortic Coarctation using the Lattice Boltzmann Methods: Clinical Validation Study Mirzaee, H.; Henn, T.; Krause, M.; Goubergrits, L.; Schumann, C.; Neugebauer, M.; Kuehne, T.; Preusser, T. & Hennemuth, A. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 45(1) 139-146 DOI
2 2017 Avoidable costs of stenting for aortic coarctation in the United Kingdom: an economic model Salcher M, Mcguire A, Muthurangu V, Kelm M, Kuehne T, Naci H; CARDIOPROOF BMC Health Serv Res 17(1) 258 DOI
1 2017 Beyond pressure gradients: The effects of intervention on heart power in aortic coarctation Fernandes, J.; Goubergrits, L.; Bruening, J.; Hellmeier, F.; Nordmeyer, S.; Silva, T.; Schubert, S.; Berger, F.; Kuehne, T. & Kelm, M. PLOS ONE Journal 12(1) e0168487 DOI